Monday, October 6, 2008

Turning the Page Away from the Economy as per McCain

As I said we are rotting away from Atwater's disease at the same time we are having our rears eaten off by the Wolf of Wall Street. (by the way where is Sean's flag lapel pin ?)

As I write this the DOW has dropped below the magic 10,000 mark. We have lost about a third of the markets value since its high. Jim Kramer says take anything you need to live for the next five years out of the market NOW.

What are the campaigns doing. McCain has gone to Plan B. "Obama is a Terrorist"! McCain need the older Jewish vote in Florida and this is a key. Obama is pulling out and brushing off the Keating Five history on McCain. Difference is that McCain's attack is innuendo and canards, and Obama's is distorted (but not by much) History. But both are straight out of the Atwater play book.

Rotten is rotten.

Can't wait to see how McCain fares (or is it fairs (that's a pun)) in an unbiased "Town Hall" meeting tomorrow night. My bet is that Obama stumbles but McCain falls. John better hope to God no one in that audience lost their or their parents home or savings in the Keating Mess and the subsequent $125 billion fiasco that followed. Obama has to be careful not to stumble over a code worded question by some closet bigot or Republic plant.

For further edification on Obama the Terrorist and McCain the embezzler Crook try the sources:

and this one which was aired as a rehash last night, there are twelve segments:

Why do all these tirades have such long long web addresses?

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