Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Compression of Time and Space

I have an axiom that I formulated some time ago: Technological innovations basically result in a compression of time and space. Thus they speed things up. It ain't too elegant, but it is mine own.

So as we pile one of these upon another we compress history into faster cycles.

So ten years ago when I read the "Forth Turning, An American Prophecy" by Strauss and Howe I could easily see how these cycles had decreased in duration and increased in frequency.

Thus what took a 100 years in the 14th century would take less than a decade in the 21st.

If you Google -"Forth Turning" book- you will get 18,300 hits.

It has gone far beyond an effort to make history a predictive discipline into almost a cult status. Trouble is that these guys have done so really good work.
They are spot on as it is said.

So here we are, not not at the forth turning that is yet to come. It is on its way. What will it consist of? Don't know but we are well down the predicted path. Still it is not something we can't control. We won't stop it, but we can shape it.

But you can't do that in ignorance. So check it out, decide what you think needs to be done. No, you are not saving the world, but you may save you and yours.

Google it yourself and choose you source. Buy the book. Do some reading and some thinking. This is not the "End of Days", but it is the end of days as we know them.

So what do you think? Is this the Forth Turning? Does the Forth Turning bring back the American Dream, or some other dream?

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