Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fox News' Hannity Says Developing A Bee Size UAV Is A Boondoggle

About a month ago I did a blog on UAV's and Drones and how really far the technologies they represent has come. Imagine my surprise then Friday night when I caught the tail end of Sean Hannity's diatribe on Fox News naming the Harvard University's bee size UAV project as the number one wasteful expenditure of the recent Recovery Act Funding.

So tonight I forced myself to watch the whole thing 'Waste 102'. It was the most ridiculous display of ignorance and obliviousness I have ever seen even for Fox News. Read about it for yourselves.

It was simply serial snideness against projects that are common place efforts to attract tourist, move people from place to place, and paint a lot of bridges etc.. But yes, the thing he railed against as number one was the funding of a bee sized UAV at Harvard.

I know that teaching "critical thinking" is not "in" these days. Texas for example has replaced it with "more grammar". But really even a moron should be able to imagine the value of having an independent spy platform the size of a bee that could fly into an Al Qaeda stronghold land on the wall and transmit back everything happening there, or tiny robots to pollinate food crops when bees can't. Not Hannity and not Fox News it seems. Do you think his listeners realized, probably not.

Even Ailes and Murdoch should be embarrassed by this particular exercise in dumb.


BB-Idaho said...

Some of the DARPA funded microdrones are getting pretty small .. A bee-sized UAV couldn't carry much high explosive ordnance, but we need recommend that DARPA test them out on Hannity. Perhaps sting his butt
with TAHV (Truth & Humanity Venom).
..while he is droning on live, we could watch him dronned.

drlobojo said...

Ha! I would so pay to see that.
By the way remember that fly that Obama caught on TV? Are sure that was just a fly?

Bill Dougherty said...

Teaching critical thinking ??
Actually, my kids showed well developed critical thinking as soon as they could talk. It's there in the system and starts to bloom as soon as the individual is able to compare two things. It just needs to be let develop. I taught for 38 years but firmly believe that formal education, sadly, seems to stunt it, along with curiosity . . .