Monday, February 15, 2010

Look Up and Smile

What is this thing that looks like a small dragon fly flying around outside a NASA lab?

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

If you are wandering around Pakistan look up.
If you are watering your crop of.... anything.

Some of these vehicles fly on hydrogen.
Some of these fly on solar cells and batteries.
Some use plain old JP.

Some are small and some are as large as a 767.
(Don't this look like that WWII German jet?)

Some are controlled by the guy a few blocks from them. Some are controlled 16,000 miles away. Some are controlled by an autonomous computer in Maryland.

Some fly for a couple hours. Some can fly on station for years.

Some just see you. Some kill you outright. Some tag you to be killed. Some just follow you around till the guys that want you get there. Some just relay your cell phone calls.

Some cost a few hundred dollars. Some cost way too much.

Look up. They are up there right now. You can't hear them. You can't see them. They are not coming they are here.

Oh yes, and some are the size of dragon flies.


BB-Idaho said...

These things are getting pretty danged sophisticated. I remember back in '65 I ran into an Artillery Lt. back from Korea. He was still paying for his tent which was struck by one of our drones...not sure who paid for the drone...

drlobojo said...

The really wierd this is that they are now showing up in police and fire departments. A TV station can own and deploy one of these for 10% of what it would cost for a chopper. Same thing for traffic control

You could deploy two or three of the vulture UAVs about Montanna and provide TV and Cell phone etc. connections for anywhere and everwhere in the State.

Think about forest fire detection.

Think about the local pervert with a small stealth version, a peeping UAV?

drlobojo said...

I would like to see a UAV that could shoot probes into a tornado.