Monday, March 1, 2010

Tens of Thousands Die, So Where Are The Fundamentalist Blame Gamers

How the Killer works

The Killer: Acinetobacter baumannii (no treatment available)

The Victims: Americans in American hospitals

Number of Victims: Tens of thousands each year

Source of Killer Bacteria: Military veterans from the Iraqi War

So why aren't the mindless fundamentalist blame gamers denouncing the Iraqi War and saying God sent this plague to punish us for starting an unholy war of choice?
Where are you guys?

Read all about it and the total 99,000 hospital induced deaths last year.


BB-Idaho said...

Oddly, other members of the genus
acenitobacter are used in waste treatment, sucking up baddies like
aromatic compounds and phosphorus.
Hadn't heard of this and bounced it off my microbiology prof daughter, and
"I did see that thing about Acetinobacter - usually these guys are so resistant because they can acquire plasmids containing resistance genes from pretty much any other type of bacteria. And because they are relatively large, they can support multiple plasmids at the same time. Scary!"
Very ironic, these unicellular villains with pumped up immune systems of their own prey on those of us whose immunities are comprimised by wounds or sickness.
Hopefully some new drug can be
found to attack these superbugs.

drlobojo said...

I can't imagine if there were any other "thing" killing "tens of thousands" that it wouldn't be front page news every single day.
What gives here? Why the silence? Why the lack of urgency?