Monday, March 22, 2010

Really, Really, Really Sore Losers or Instigators of Sedition?????

The new Health Care Bill is now on the way to the President for its signature. It will soon be law, with or without the Senate "fixes".

Yet, you would think that is was still up for debate. Indeed the rhetoric is actually worse today than yesterday. The lies about what is in it have actually increased in fantasy. I have even heard the words treason and impeachment. Have the Republicans opened Pandora's box? Is the lawful process of government going to be supplanted by fear mongering and sedition?

Fox News is acting like the "Health Care Battle" is still going on. The Republicans are openly saying they will oppose the implementation of the Law. Republican led State Legislatures are getting ready to try to overthrow the Law as it applies to their States before they have any real idea what the Law means to their States.

Tea Party people are looking for someone to take revenge upon. Pro-Life groups are damning people that they gave awards to in good faith years ago.

It is like the entire Nation to the right of center is indulging in a sixth grade tantrum and expects the rest of us to give them their way. Is that what they consider a "National discourse"?

What now? How far will the tantrums go? Saturday it was spitting on Congressmen and calling them Niggers, and Faggots. What next?

No, it ain't over till it is over.


BB-Idaho said...

Rancor; heard a bit about secession, civil war etc. I suppose
suppression of social justice is as important to some slavery was to some then....

drlobojo said...

I notice that the Republican Congressman who shouted "Baby Killer" at Stupak last night is in the news today. Really Weird to hear that shouted. Reminds me of the time at the SF airport when some guys shouted that at a group of us in uniforms. Heck we were on our way to, but had got there yet, Vietnam. Almost makes me nostalgic.

drlobojo said...

One thing that has to be remembered here is that a major objective in killing this bill was to destroy Obama's Presidency. Not only did they not do that,they actually ended strengthening his Presidency beyond what it would have been if the bill had passed with their cooperation. They made a strategic blunder.