Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NEWSWEEK : Please Cancel My Subscription

Newsweek Magazine:
First it was Karl Rove as an editorial writer.
Then a whole bunch more like type crap.
Then they started slipping over to the Right of Center and publishing half-thoughts as opinion, and opinion as fact.
Then they did REAL HARM with their tirade on anti-depressants.
Now today they put out simplistic garbage that bad teachers are causing our schools to fail and the teachers unions are behind it. No actual solutions mind you just blame and platitudes.
I canceled my remaining 110 issue subscription to Newsweek Magazine.



BB-Idaho said...

Teachers have long been a target of the uber right. Since I have quite a few teachers in my immediate family and know how much they care about kids and learning, I have been at a loss about the
rw crusade. The creationist/deep south thing, of course, but IMO, it is simply an excuse for poor parenting. If the far right has their way, we will no doubt slip into an uneducated society. Kind of scary...hints at a couple million thinking that Glenn Beck is a brilliant historian. Yikes!!

drlobojo said...

My wife retired from teaching two years ago. Her dad was a teacher. Her mother was a teacher. Her cousins were teachers and so on...

What I can not fathom is why they think teachers come from the lower 1/3 of college goers. They don't seem to get it. If you treat people like shit and pay them less than shit why would they want to go into such a pofession?

Truth is people are not becoming teachers. More and more States can't find qualified teachers to hire. After this down turn is over those classrooms will be hard to fill with any kind of teachers at all. What they are doing now to teachers is pure spite.

As for Glenn Beck, well I hope he has invested some of that $23 to $28 million he made last year in some of that gold he sells. He is going to need a nest egg to support his family with once his sparkler burns out.

As for NEWSWEEK maybe they should hire some of the editors from the National Enquirer and print their rag on grade 3 newsprint.