Saturday, March 27, 2010

It Is No Big Deal, Or Is It?

What happens when you push things just a bit too far?
On March 32, 2010, at the Heath Care Bill signing:

The VP leaned over an whispered quietly in the Presidents hear, "This a really big fucking deal!" It was a heart felt, private, whispered comment.

"Vice President Joe Biden, perhaps overcome with excitement during his speech congratulating President Obama on the passage of health care reform, dropped an F-bomb on live television when he turned to Obama and said, "This is a big fucking deal."
The microphone just barely catches it, but listen closely and you'll hear it. This is surely a high point in Biden's long history of verbal gaffes."

Surely this a high point in the media bad manners and stupid intrusiveness into private moments not intended to be public(West Wing examples aside). It is little more than a kind of gotcha embarrassment. A prime example of our schadenfreude

On March 27, 2010:
But now the private moment is being exploited:

"South Pasadena High School student McKay Hatch says he'll ask Biden to apologize for letting a profanity slip during a bill-signing ceremony earlier this week. Hatch says he'll also mail Biden one of his No Cussing Club's penalty jars and an official club T-shirt.
Hatch founded the No Cussing Club at his junior high school in 2007. Since then he says it has grown to include chapters in all 50 states and 20 countries."

Exploited you say? How is a kid that wants to clean up foul speech exploiting this?
Ask his Daddy.
This kid has been getting "death threats" for the last few years.
Promo graphic from daddy's web-site

NPR:"You have to know that McKay's parents are authors of a book titled 'Raising a G-Rated Family in an X-rated World' (Sales rated 579,384th at Amazon). Profanity was frowned on at home. Hatch says none of his friends in elementary school ever swore, but it seemed like when they got to middle school, "everyone started cussing," he says. "The reason it bothered me the most is 'cause it was something they were using every other word, kinda like the word 'the.' They kept using it and using it."

If you check out daddy's web site you find videos for sale, offers for dad to speak for fees, the book, hug cards, and a 9-11 survival kit. Assuming the "death threats" are real and more will come now after this network publicity, is this not child endangerment?

So Biden's private whisper is no big deal. But the purposeful exploitation of it may be.

Another promo graphic from Daddy.


BB-Idaho said...

Wonder what those folks say when they hit their thumb with a hammer?

drlobojo said...

"Ah fudge!"