Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go To College: Naw, Take A Couple Of Years Off

I worked for a Higher Education Board for 27 Years.

College used to be a gateway to the American Dream.

College used to be a good investment.

Now it simple cost too much. There is nothing at the finish. It is not worth it.

You will have to borrow so much in student loans from the banks that upon graduation you will be their cash cow for the rest of your life.

You will spend an average of $23,000 for one year of public university tuition, fees, and board &
room . 2/3 rds of you will have to borrow most or all of that from banks that control the boards of the schools that are setting tuition.

If you are after an education degree you will pay as much 125% of the actual cost of the degree, while the engineering student will pay less that 10% out of pocket. Why bother. If the kids you teach are so deprived that they can't learn then you will be the one fired. Is it a calling, a mission, forget it.

Forget the Universities. Forget the Four Year Colleges. If you MUST go to college, go to a two year school and see what's what.

What you really should do is lay out for a couple of years and see what America becomes before you invest your money and life in lost causes that contribute to the Wall Street profiteers.

See America! Take a Van across the country. Join a theater group. Write those songs, or poems, or stories. Go fishing. Go camping. Draw, paint, sculpt, create, anything! Mow lawns. Volunteer to help the elderly. Volunteer at an Animal shelter. Try the Peace Corp or Volunteers For America. See the world.

Don't Go To College. If the Dream isn't real, then why buy it? If it is real, why pay three times too much for it? Take some time off. If enough students do that, maybe, maybe, it will be worth a damn when you get ready to go to college.

Seriously, Take a couple/three years off.
Grandma, pa, mom, dad, give the kids some cash and let them experience the world. It will be much cheaper for you and better for them. It is time to say no.

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