Monday, February 22, 2010

Opium, Laudanum, Cocaine, and Health Care for the Poor

When ignoramuses like Fox's Glenn Beck start painting American History with spray cans like forth grade vandals I just get pissed. Those..those..PROGRESSIVES...

You know, those progressives like Theodore Roosevelt that sneaky bastard. You know the guy who pretended to be a "Muckraker", just another name for "Liberal" the dirty bastard that shut down all those cheap Patent Medicines in favor of regulated, GOVERNMENT REGULATED, and much more expensive prescription medicines, that cowboy that turned loose government regulation on American Capitalism.

The level of ignorance by these self deluded micro messiahs is appalling. Someone needs to take Teddy's Big Stick and stick up their....somewhere... painfully.
(click on picture to see it better)
Here's an example of those damn Progressives and their meddling in the "free market economy" a simple editorial cartoon from the 1905 June 5th issue of Colliers, The National Weekly.
Rush the Ditto already has his Soothing Compound, if the Progressives hadn't banned Baby's Soothing Syrup and we could get some for Beck maybe we could help with the hyperactive verbal diarrhea from which he suffers.
In 1905 it was the Patent Medicine Trust that was buying Congressmen by the pound. In 2010 it is the Health Insurance Company Trust, you know that group exempt from monopoly regulation by the "Progressives" like Senator Evan Bayh, who's highly paid wife is a director of a Trust Company.
Back then we killed our people with Patent Medicine today we do it with profitable neglect. It is time for another Progressive President to once again clean out the muck.
Come on Barrack, stop trying to be Lincoln and act like Teddy!


BB-Idaho said...

I suppose the beckites will be climbing Mt. Rushmore with pick, shovel and nitro to redo Teddy as
Ms. Palin?

drlobojo said...

You know the "Trust" have always had their paid spokesmen. Beck's sponsors even brag about his shilling their products. But honestly does anybody know who was shilling for the Patent Medicine trust and the Meat Packing Trusts?
Who was Rockefeller's shill?
They just kinda don't get in the history books do they?

"...beckites will be climbing Mt. Rushmore..."

Naw, I've seen what they look like at the 9-12 rallies. They'd never make it half way up even if they could locate it on a map and afford the gas to get there if their car actually ran.

drlobojo said...

Oh Lord, Now I hear Beck is going to make "Progressives" the "Evil Them" of his next book.

Echoes of Henry II, "Is their no one who will rid us of this troublesome priest?"