Monday, February 8, 2010

One Thing Is Just Like The Others

Take a look at these pictures of play grounds and see if you can figure What they all have in common.....

...with the blog you are now reading?


BB-Idaho said...

Lessee here; no kids at any of those playgrounds. Er...your blog doesn't allow children?

drlobojo said...

Close, but not exactly.

BB-Idaho said...

OK, still trying here; playgrounds are great for kids, but few, if any are in the photos. Your blog
is good and interesting, but few if any commenters avail themselves?
(I may need a hint or two if I'm off in the wrong direction)

drlobojo said...

Right on bro!
Ain't nobody playing here.

"Your blog
is good and interesting,..."
Well I kinda of thought so. :(

Thanks for playing!

drlobojo said...

Blogger self pity is what's the word?