Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Impeach The Senate : A Modest Plan

Ted Kennedy and George bush pushed through an "accountability" school testing program eight years ago that defied common sense and the normal population distributions of basic statistics.

Now tonight 88 school teachers, all of the the staff at a small Rhode Island high school, are being fired because their students are "low performers".

(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Central Falls, RI) -" The Central Falls school board has voted in favor of firing the entire high school teaching staff. However, the teachers are not going quietly. This has been an angry battle - a teachers union vs. a superintendent of a struggling school district where something had to change - in this case, perhaps the most drastic decision in Rhode Island education history."

Each and every teacher was fired:
"One by one their names were read, as if it were classroom roll call."....
"But how did it come to this unprecedented action in the state of Rhode Island and perhaps the nation? At one square mile, Central Falls is the state's smallest and one of its poorest communities.

It has also ranked in the lowest 5 percent of districts in the state year after year meaning the federal government gave Superintendent Frances Gallo 4 choices:
- Shut the school
- have it taken over as a charter school
- follow a transformation model,including longer school days and teachers eating lunch with students
- or what's called a turn around plan, fire all the teachers at the end of the year.

After the union didn't sign off on option three, she went with option four."I thought I moved substantially away from my initial design and request and apparently it wasn't good enough," Superintendent Dr. Frances Gallo said. "

"But despite recent improvement, those numbers are alarming - only 7 percent of high school kids are proficient in math standards and 52 percent drop out before graduation."


The required measurements by law are total bullshit. The way it is set up there will ALWAYS be some school FAILING in every district. Up till now State and district systems have played the game across America and kept their schools and staffs from being obliterated. But not here and not now.

If such a law is good enough for the teachers then it should be good enough for the turkeys that passed it.

Since the U.S. House has passed 290 bills this secession but the Republicans in the Senate have gone on STRIKE and will not pass any bill, thus showing a proficiency of far less than the students in Rhode Island I think the whole damn U.S. Senate should be fired just like these 88 teachers.

They make laws like this, then the principle should apply to them as well.
We all know that they are hypocrites and selfish self serving crooks. It is appropriate that they be dismissed without due process for failure to perform the function for which they were hired.


How? Have the House Impeach them each and every one. Then the 100 Senators could not sit in judgement on themselves. Only the quorum of one: the President Pro Temp would be able to vote for or against conviction.

Yes it is legal, and it is a whole lot more moral than firing every teacher at one high school.

Yes Vice President Biden is the President Pro Temp and would be the sole decider as to the guilt or innocence of each Senator.
Do it Nancy!
Go for it Joe!
Let's at least have some fun from these expensive incompetent fools.


BB-Idaho said...

Don't see how that can fly. Where will they find 88 top notch replacements? Why are the school administration and student population not part of the problem and summarily 'fired'? Would a general fire his combat soldiers?
Sumpin fishy up RI way....

been there said...

This happened to the school where I teach in FL, BUT only 1/3 were let go (they found jobs in other schools within the district). The result....morale dropped to its' lowest and has never recovered. Test scores did NOT increase, rather, they went down, why? The new teachers that came in had NO clue. I worked there 32 yrs., but had to leave, I couldn't take seeing the distress this caused.

Like ALL the teachers and staff at the RI school were bad? Give me a break. You can have the best teachers, but if the parents and kids don't give a crap, then what? I know, FIRE the teachers. This super. of schools needs to be fired.

drlobojo said...

Education by State and Federal legislation is the bane of America. Local Control, Local Responsibility, Local Authority, Local Financing, those were the four pillars of the "Common School" movement in America.