Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let The American Heath Care System Fail

Let this mutant monster die.

We actually don't have to do anything really. Just back off and let it fail. It is well on its way to failure right now. Don't think so? Just look at Wellpoint and California. They are losing the profitable clients and are pricing the non-profitable clients out of their business. Soon health care policies will be too expensive to own. Let's just let it die a natural death. Of course it will cost hundreds of thousands of human deaths meanwhile while it dies. There will be a lot of families go bankrupt. No matter. We will just trade the sick of today for the wellness of those tomorrow.

It seems the contemptible Republicans and the spineless Democrats can't do their jobs and get something passed, so let's just wait until it dies. Wait until all the current system goes belly up. Then we will have to rebuild it without any private capitalism and make a completely government mandated universal health care system. You know one like the ones in Europe created as part of the American Marshall Plan after WWII.


BB-Idaho said...

Seems inevitable. The system already costs twice as much as any
'socialised' system. Orwell and Kafka could readily identify with
some of the bizarre political logic
being espoused....perhaps beginning with A Case Study Of Fox

drlobojo said...

Obama is being crucified for "only" saving us from a depression and not completely saving us from any discomfort at all.

Politically, he would be best served by letting the thing totally collapse and then come in and rebuild it from ground up.

We kill 95,000 people each year by doctor/hospital induced disease. Our medical data systems are still following designs laid down in the 1940's. The American health delivery system is ranked at 37th in the world but number one in cost.

The least expensive solution in blood and treasure might be the natural death of our systems.

Trouble is, its death may infect the political system with a terminal disease.