Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Is That Hope Thing Working Out?

Actually, what Palin said in a nasal-y voice was, "How's that hope-y, change-y thing workin out fer ya?"

Mia culpa, I confess, I watched her speech last night My curiosity out weighed my pure disdain.
Disrespect and sarcasm oozed from her pores as she put down the President and all of his efforts with her quarter-thoughts and halftruths spiced up by outright-lies. Feeding the beast raw meat, she was as nervous as any new zoo keeper feeding the tigers. Speaking too fast and initially not giving the audience time to respond she read her speech from a script on the podium (no elitist teleprompter you see). Even so she slipped up time and again with improper breaks and once referred to Alaska when she meant America.

Underlying her words in the speech and in the Nerf ball Q&A afterwards was seeping a fear that she might actually have to be a leader and earn her position. I think she is greedy for love, adulation, money, and stroking, but scared to death of being in power and having to deliver.

The media keep referring to this as populism. Bullshit, I'm a populist, have been all my life. These guys, and Palin specifically , are Pseudo-Capitalist drones. Somewhere on Wall Street in a secret facility are people at the remote controls manipulating these primative Cylons as they go about their masters' will.

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