Saturday, February 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Mocks Teddy Roosevelt & Calls Hoover a "Progressive" to a Cheering Crowd

(Why are their eyes always so close together, and why do they all have the standard issue smirk?)

OK, I confess I watched Glen Beck making his speech at the CPAC convention co-sponsored this year by the John Birch Society that was broadcasted on CSPAN.

It was a damn fine stand up routine. Glenn says he is a self educated man, a self made man as well. Well that I believe. Based on his knowledge of history, economics and political science I can see that he had little or no direction in the art of critical thinking much less logic.

Now sources indicate he made $28 million last year. So when Glenn says the world is not fair he is a fine example of that.

I heard calls for Glenn to run for President from the audience. I would really love to see him on the ballot. Tinker Bell could run as his VP and then I would know for certain that I was living in Never Never Land.

What have you done to my country?


BB-Idaho said...

"What have you done to my country?" Oh they're working on it. How bout the National Parks full of gun-totin Beckites?

drlobojo said...

"How bout the National Parks full of gun-totin Beckites?"

Yeah, that one came directly from Oklahoma's own Senator Corburn. Can't wait till some grandpa blows away some kid trying to get into his trailer by mistake.

Deanna said...

Beck and Tinkerbell 2012. I rather like it.

drlobojo said...

Has potential as a bumper sticker.

Or maybe, given the Tea Party aspect, he should team up with The White Rabbit or the Mad Hatter. Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee from Alice's Tea Party have already served for 8 years.

BB-Idaho said...

Gotta admit, ol Beck can sure stir up a tempest in a teapot
....enough rope already!

drlobojo said...

Damn that list of advertisers bailing off of his show is longer than I thought it would be. So what if he has ratings if the network can't make the show pay?
I mean televised executions and total nudity can get high ratings but who the hell would sign on as sponsors?

I wonder what would happen to his 18-24 years old segment if College logic professors stopped assigning his show as homework>

I, for one, do not want him taken off of FOX. I want him to explode on FOX live and in color. A meltdown of Biblical proportions is the only memorable and fitting end to a career such as his. When he was yapping like a dog the other day, I thought maybe it had come.

Leaving with a whimper like Lou Dobbs did is not a fitting conclusion.