Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dumbo's Feather: Why Antidepressants Are No Better Than Placebos?????

Holy Shit!
Newsweek says antidepressants don't work.
That those of us suffering from "clinical depression" who have used antidepressants and have used them to crawl up out of the bowels of hell, are just holding onto Dumbo the Elephant's feather and just "believe" they work. You forgot to make important that part of the story you see, the part about, for those that "NEED" them they actually do work.

The Story:
"The Depressing News About Antidepressants"
"Studies suggest that the popular drugs are no more effective than a placebo. In fact, they may be worse."

After a long story damning antidepressants they thew in this little caveat.

"Which returns us to the moral dilemma. In any year, an estimated 13.1 million to 14.2 million American adults suffer from clinical depression. At least 32 million will have the disease at some point in their life. Many of the 57 percent who receive treatment (the rest do not) are helped by medication. For that benefit to continue, they need to believe in their pills. Even Kirsch warns—in boldface type in his book, which is in stores this week—that patients on antidepressants not suddenly stop taking them. That can cause serious withdrawal symptoms, including twitches, tremors, blurred vision, and nausea—as well as depression and anxiety. Yet Kirsch is well aware that his book may have the same effect on patients as dropping the magic feather did for Dumbo: without it, the little elephant began crashing to earth. Friends and colleagues who believe Kirsch is right ask why he doesn't just shut up, since publicizing the finding that the effectiveness of antidepressants is almost entirely due to people's hopes and expectations will undermine that effectiveness."

Moral dilemma? You don't even know what the moral dilemma is. God forgive you, you don't know what you have done.

Words fail me here.
What kind of stupid fruitcakes are the writer and editors that put this out?
This is nothing but a criminal obstruction of responsible mental health care.
Shame on them, shame on their stupidity, shame on the magazine that allowed this.

I have been on antidepressants for 15 years. PTSD from Vietnam, the rape and murder of two of my staff members, and my involvement with the Oklahoma City Bombing progressively drove me into deep clinical depression. Prosaic saved my life for a time, subsequent antidepressant medications have allowed me to live a somewhat reasonably normal life.

I have a deal for the idiots at Newsweek. Let me go off my meds for three days and then you guys and I will discuss whether antidepressants will work while you are locked in a room with me.

So you think you are saving people by freeing them from the lies of the pharmaceutical companies. God help you, you self-righteous fools.

How many troops from Iraq/Afghanistan with PTSD or seriously depressed housewives from Dallas will read your tripe and go off of or not go on antidepressants and will kill themselves and/or others. It's already too late people, your garbage is out there, you are already killers. How does it feel? Maybe you need some antidepressants so that you will think you feel better.

Stupid, ignorant, irresponsible, .... words fail for what you have done.
You best find a hole somewhere in Tibet maybe and crawl in it, you are not going to believe the wrath that people will direct your way. (Clinical Depression is often accompanied by anger and sometimes rage, you guys have offered up a great target for displacement of the same)

Because this post has opened up too much of my soul to the subject, I don't want nor will I allow comments here about it.

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