Sunday, February 28, 2010

Drink Me

Watching Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell on CNN this morning smugly mouthing over and over his talking points brought me to a question. If they win back the Congress how do they plan to govern?

Mitch just repeated over and over, "The Democrats are cramming it down the throat of the American people". What sexual fantasy were the Republicans having when they came up with that "talking point?" What the hell?
Mitch calls health care a privilege. What would Mitch expect from you for your privilege?
When they discredit Obama with their hypocrisy and lies and sexual fantasies, what do they plan to do next? How do they plan to govern?
I wonder if they expect the Tea Party to "go away" and let them have all the rewards?
Do they believe it is better to govern in hell than serve their country?
What will they do for the banks, the corporations, the health insurance companies if they win control again. But what happens when you destroy the system? How do they plan to govern?
If America repeats itself and gives the current Republicans control again, do they expect them to govern differently than before?


TStockmann said...

Look to Americans themselves, not to their leaders: sentimentality and self-congratulation will not suffice to keep Mr. Jefferson's republic.

drlobojo said...

Right now America can't see itself for what it has become, but rather sees a fantasy place that is not real.

For example, America has the number one health care in the world. Actually it is number 37 above Cuba at 38 and below Costa Rica at 36.

"Give me back my country" is the Tea Parties real motto. Which one?
The one you never had?

Mr. Jefferson's Yeoman Farmers understood their America. They experience it with their own hands and eyes and ears. It was not filtered through 24/7 30 second soundbites and lies.

America doesn't seem to have leaders today, just users.

Trust the Americans themselves?
Yes, but we had better hurry.

BB-Idaho said...

Been pondering the GOP and healthcare. Like Nixon recongnizing China, because the Dems dare not, a return of GOP to responsibility may well result in
single is inevitable given the dismal stats which continue to spiral downward..some estimates of healthcare insurance are %13000 per person within fifteen years. (charts of healthcare as percent of GDP extrapolated look bright for Europe, horrid for us)

drlobojo said...

I think health care is a symptom of a deeper problem. We have lost "government by the people" again. We lost it in the 1890's and again in the 1920's and finally in the 1970's. The first two recent times we got it back. This time we are 40 years into a Corporate America and haven't got it back yet.

There will be a single payer, it is a matter of how and when and how much pain before we get to it.

TStockmann said...

Here's something written by Mark Ames in an expat magazine published in Moscow back in 2004:

But what if the Truth is that Americans don’t want to know the Truth? What if Americans consciously choose lies over truth when given the chance—and not even very interesting lies, but rather the blandest, dumbest and meanest lies? What if Americans are not a likeable people? The left’s wires short-circuit when confronted with this terrible possibility; the right, on the other hand, warmly embraces Middle America’s rank soul and exploits it to their full advantage. The Republicans know Americans better than the left. They know that it’s not so much Goering’s famous “bigger lie” that works here, but the dumber the lie, the more they want to hear it repeated.

…If I’m an obese 40-something white male living in Ohio or Nevada, locked into a permanent struggle with foreclosure, child support payments and outsourcing threats, then I’m going to vote for the guy who delivers a big greasy portion of misery to the Sarandon-Robbins dining room table, then brags about it on FoxNews. Even if it means hurting myself in the process.

drlobojo said...

TS that thought is worthy of a full post.