Monday, February 1, 2010

AMERICA: A Fixer Upper But Not For THEM

Since 1968 America has been controlled by politics and politicians that have sucked us dry.
The "so-called republicans" have run up our credit cards and deferred maintenance on America until the point of almost no return. Now they gather around out in the yard with their hired rabble and point and criticize and say, "you're spending too much to fix up this house!"

The house is falling down. They let the pipes burst. They let the rain in, the birds nest in the attic, and the squirrels eat through the walls. The termites on Wall Street have eaten at the foundations and the very weight bearing members of the walls. Now they have the gumption to say, "damn that's an ugly house, it is not worth spending what it would take to fix it."

So what do they do? Well they move out and leave it for us. Us, who have no where else to go. Move that wealth overseas, they say, and they do it. Some stay here, but in gated communities, but most just go off-shore in the yachts and cruise ships.

But you just wait, after we fix it all up, they'll be back flashing the original deed and try to take it back.

Meanwhile they want us to pay off their credit cards and fix up the place that they've let go to hell, but don't spend too much doing it. You guys, they say, can do all of this with just your sweat equity, we know you can. Oh yes, and damn us if we send THEM the bill for what we are fixing.


Feodor said...

My dad used to call those, cudjee houses.

"Cudjee love me enough to live in it?"

drlobojo said...

When I was growing up in Southwest Oklahoma some 20+ years after the end of the dust bowl we called them "see through houses".