Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This Is So Wrong

This is so wrong in so many ways that my farmer-boy-mind simply overloads, kicks off , and needs to be re-booted.

OK we have had miniature horses for many many years. Yes they are "so cute". Also we have had miniature (re: midget or: P.C. : Small People) Cowboys for some time as well. See the movie Tiny Town.

But this is too much. I'm sorry. It is just over the line

Wasn't enough that they downsized the burger, did they have to downsize the beef?

OK so on the average a half size cow gives 65% of the beef of a regulation size cow but only eat half as much food, takes up half as much space, and gives out half as much methane in farts. So two mini-steers equal 130% in beef production as do normal steers. The math I understand.

I'm sorry but the cow light, steak light, burger light stuff is messing with my western sense of correctness. Imagine next time you wander into Cattleman's Restaurant in OKC and you order the t-bone steak and they say "mini or regular"?
OK, I guess I'll get me a Miller Draft 64 and go out and get on my sorrel pony "half-pint" and mosey out to the back 20 and count my beeves, twice.


BB-Idaho said...

So, the half-size cattle possess 65% edible meat. With the caveat that hooves and bone must take up some percentage, if we continue the progession of 'halfing' these animals at the 65% beef producing level, say versus an overall 50% weight reduction, we find near the point of diminishing return that a quarter ounce steer should produce a nice 1 lb steak. OK, so I'm no
Isaac Newton....

drlobojo said...

Somewhat counterintuitive ain't it.

drlobojo said...

Been thinking about the implications of this. So if you are a corporation and have a fixed facility with fixed cost you could double your productivity of the site by making each existing floor bi-level and hiring small people to work there? Even if the small people were paid an equtable wage you could save on building, facility, and service cost.

BB-Idaho said...

Why bother with miniAngus and
microHerefords when a logical
natural alternative exists?

drlobojo said...

Given that Bison are pound for pound the most cantankerous animal alive, I wonder if they would be any different if downsized.