Friday, June 19, 2009

The Other Other White Meat :Gator Glut

I'm old.

I remember when I first heard about an armadillo being run over by a car in SW Oklahoma. It was about 1957.

I remember when the American alligator was an endangered species.

Now look at them.

"What do 100,000 alligators have to do with the economy? The gators are all residents at Savoie's Alligator Farm, one of the largest alligator farms in Louisiana. The farm, which sells gator skin hides to tanners who in turn sell them to luxury designers like Louis Vuitton, has not sold a single hide since November, according to Savoie's.

This business is awful because people are not buying alligator skin handbags and luggage. The makers of designer labels therefore don't need to buy hides. This is tough on the gator farmers who are losing money fast and trying to keep the hides they already have in stock from spoiling. But it's good news for alligators everywhere -- if they only knew."

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I have suggestion.

Ground gator...

Ground gator could be used for sausages, burgers, tacos, burritos, so on and so forth.

Another idea could be to haul them up to Lake Texoma and let them go. We could base a whole tourist industry on gator noodling. You know a cross between gator wrastling and catfish noodling. It would be an "extreme sport" worthy of being televised and would attract a large number of ghoulish spectators.

Another solution might be to sell them to gated communities, who then could become "moated communities" complete with "gator guards".

Now these guys in Louisiana are desperate so any idea you might have that would help them would be appreciated.

Check out a local article about this one farm:

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Carol said...

Gator noodling!! I think you've got something there.

c-zero said...

We have a restaurant here in Austin that serves Gator. Not bad as I recall from back when I ate meat.

drlobojo said...

C-zero, I've read that gators kept in the dark grow four times faster and the meat is way less chewy. so that brings up another idea. The gators farms could find some tourist cave/cavern operators who are going down on their luck as well and combine interest. You know, flood certain areas of the caverns, stock with the gators, then float cajun pirogues full of tourist through the caves while feeding, wrastling, etc. the gators. Lots of possibilities there. Maybe the gators would go albino in the dark and all so that the skins could be used for wedding accessories and stuff too.

Keep those gator farm saving ideas flowing ya'll.

Trixie said...

I like how you're looking out for the economy, Dr.

My word verification is "busly" -- I'm sure that's a code word for figuring out some tourist bus angle on this.