Saturday, June 13, 2009

Charles and Diana of the Klondike*

*Phrase by Margaret Carlson

The yammering Governor of a State with a population smaller than my home town of Oklahoma City, is holding the spotlight in the Fark News of the moment. Kind of reminds me of the unfortunate and exploited Chandra Levy who's disappearance was the prime news of the talk shows and news channels for almost 5 months right up until the morning of September 11, 2001.

It took eight years to solve the Levy murder and the outcome had nothing to do with any of the speculation, political assassination of Condit, or innuendo spit out by the legal commentators on Fox, CNN. etc..

Iran is on the brink of something significant , say like a secular versus religious civil war, that would unhinge the entire world and our attention is diverted to a despicable act of a desperate mother trading her children's privacy in for a few seconds more for her own spotlight and attention.

We do so love our bread and circus.

Read about the recent Fark at Margaret Carlson's blog:


drlobojo said...

As for the possilbe New Iranian Revolution:

TStockmann said...

There is nothing good that would come from Americans attempting to pay attention to Iran and being tempted to any action. A little learning is indeed a dangerous thing.

drlobojo said...

TS: "...being tempted to any action..."

I was kind of hoping that we could pay enough attention to it that we would know not to holler about doing anything and let them run their own course.

But if the midget mind section of America wakes up Tuesday morning to a full fledge civil war there, they are are going to scream bloody hell to do something.

drlobojo said...

Now comes the revolution. The extreme right must now kill the three other candidates to suceed.
The three candidates, not shrinking violets to death and violence , know this. So as reported below: Now comes the blood.

Remember the "loser" of the vote last Friday was the politician in charge when 20,000,000 Iranians (yes twenty million) were killed in the war with Iraq.

In geographic terms it is rural versus urban. In Iran that is a dichotmy that is a thousand times greater than here in the U.S.A..