Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day Two: Leaving Vancouver & The Inside Passage

Leaving Vancouver.

Talk about a green roof.

This one too.

I didn't do it, honest.

It was two weeks before I finally found out what made these.

To small to be a whale and never saw a dolphin or anything else break the surface.

Later I would learn these were made by Dalls Porpoise

Now this is known as a whale's foot print.  They don't break the surface but cause the water to well up as they swim underneath.

Hanging glacier

Humpback were all along the way.  Only problem was they weren't close in when I had my camera.  Here is one surfacing several hundred yards off the side of the ship.

This is what a Humpback Whale looks like when they blow a spout. Up close it is a lot more spectacular.

On this ship we had a balcony, but boy was it wet and cold out there.

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