Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blog One, Year One, Decade Two, Century Twentyone

It has been eight years ago today that I retired after 27.5 years from one of the most contentious, asinine, egocentric, all consuming places of employment one might never think existed even in fiction. The first three years of retirement were very very lean. I had left work three years earlier than I had planned and was short a few dozen shekels every month. But I had to leave, I needed to leave, I was glad to leave. I left my most delicate projects in the most capable of hands. I picked them carefully for these tasks myself. They have performed most admirably. Those projects are still alive and thriving today. A total miracle it my world. My gratitude goes out to those who have kept these activities alive.

Now, eight years later I can go and do and be and not worry too much about the cost or debt. That too is a dang miracle. This past year has not been good in other ways. I discovered that old wounds can open after a very long time. Especially if they are wounds of the mind. I lost many friends through death and destruction this year. I lost others as they scurried away for trivial reasons and/or their ego needs. Good riddance to those. Many more voids have been created this year than I have been able to fill.

As I start this next decade I will continue to repair and recover. Although I have traded passion away to conquer anger and hate, I still have a lot to look towards, things to do, people to love, places to go, and curiosities to satisfy. No doubt I will do it slower and with more caution than even just two years ago, but do it I will.

I'm beginning to regain my sense of humor. I've got good children, a reasonable wife (generally speaking), OK cats, and an almost new red Chevy pickup truck. Life is good.
I smile.


Gina said...

Dr.Lobojo, you sound like a man at peace and for that I am grateful. You are important to many of us still at labor in the fields; mine fields that is. Your big ideas, your big brain and yes your arrogance (cloaked in the statement "I'm just a poor farm the red river..") are sorely missed. You accomplished a great deal and your fingerprints are on many things still alive and well thanks to your careful construction. It was an honor to serve with you. Enjoy your peace and continue the good fight against the negative and useless. You are a great leader and mentor. Someone who continues to pursue knowledge even though you could rest on your laurels. Thank you for your friendship and for teaching me how to design things that stand the test of time or be destroyed. Thank you for sparking a love of history and what makes the world tick. Happy new year Dr. Lobojo. Keep the deep thoughts coming. Gina

Joan said...

I hope your new year brings you peace and open roads. I love reading about the travels you and "that woman" take. Keep it up!

Okie Book Woman said...

2011 will be better than 2010. I am glad that you are looking forward. Wherever this year takes us, we'll be together--griping at each other, perhaps, but still together, after all these years. It's been quite a journey.

drlobojo said...

Gina, you are aware that I no longer have any input to salaries and promotions, right?
Thank for the kind words and hyperbole. Best however even now not to be caught befriending the apostates. Whatever happened to my boudin sausage? I'm still holding Lincoln hostage. Lunch?

Joan, "that woman" and I will have to do something pretty soon.