Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where Is MSNBC?????

We usually think of TV ratings as something control by the viewer from their home.

But if you are not allowed to tune into a particular cable channel? Then, it is not you making the ratings, but the provider of the cable itself deciding for you. Funny, Americans are shitface incited that some health care law would get between them and their doctor, but unconcerned that some cable corporate conglomerate routinely gets between them and their information and understanding of reality.

Within the last year I have traveled into the mid-South, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, & Texas. I've traveled in Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, & Missouri. Recently I've been in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Oregon.

I find that Fox News is all over the place. In the motels and hotels I have stayed in as well as on the TVs in eating and drinking places and reception area for doctors and tire companies. When I go to my motel/hotel room and look on the TV channel listings, Fox is always there. CNN is often there as well. Roughly 80 to 90% of the time MSNBC is not.

Someone has decided that I need to see the Republican pseudo-conservative crap ladled out by our Australian Invader, but not my preferred liberal biased MSNBC.

Someone is standing between me and my information and filling the unsuspecting consumer of their product with Fox's swill.

You know if you feed a hog a balance diet of good stuff they love it, but if you feed a hog a diet of leavings and swill they grow to prefer that to the good stuff even though it is not good for them or for the farmer feeding them.

So is it the cable providers that are between me and my news? Is it the motel/hotel owners that have decided I need more swill than substance in my news? I mean if you aren't allowed to watch MSNBC then how will you ever know what they are saying? Freedom of speech? Not hardly! More like corporate control of access to speech.

You know back in the 1960s I took an oath to uphold the Constitution not the Corporations' interpretation of the Constitution. Corporate America seems to have blacklisted MSNBC when they can get away with it.

MSNBC is mild version on the left (want a strong dose try Bill Maher on HBO) of what Fox is on the right. If the corporate mentality can't stand even that modicum of free speech then what is next?

Where is my MSNBC?

On the road.......


Craig said...

I've recently become bothered about this...I lived for the past thirty years without electricity...let alone cable TV. I've read on several blogs claims that FOX positions itself on the cheapest cable packages and MSNBC is offered on the more expensive.

I'm retired and living in Thailand...Fox is offered on the major satellite/cable system but is on other systems...

How to rectify the FOX cable situation? Don't know...My family in the states all have basic FOX is in their lives mother only watches FOX...she has transfomed from a person who thought FOX was funny to now believing they are "Fair and Balanced." Because they say so...and that they tell the truth..Oh, shit.

drlobojo said...

Craig, in the end it is people like your mother who will have to decide the fate of Fox News and of News in America. My next post is about Hannity of Fox News praising the mass murder Tim McVeigh. It will take the shame of the Fox viewers themselves to change or shut down Fox News.

Fair and Balance? P.T. Barnum had a comment about that.

BB-Idaho said...

FoxNews is even catching it from your own Oklahoma senator
..he later summarized:
"At the end of the town hall, Coburn implored the audience to stay “informed on the issues.” “Don’t just watch Fox News or CNN. Watch them both,” said Coburn. He then seemed to refer back to the woman who asked about health care reform putting people in jail, saying that he was “disturbed that we get things like this lady said and others have said on other issues that are so disconnected to what” he knows “to be the facts.” “That comes from somebody who has an agenda that’s other than the best interest of our country,” said Coburn." my goodness!