Thursday, April 22, 2010

Muhammad Bears Protest : Looking for Offense

Junior The Bear is supposed to be posting stuff on here to counteract my liberal based mania with the stupidity of all things reactionary and conservative in the extreme. Maybe he does not understand that the Muhammad Bear stuff is not about the Teddy Bear but about the over reaction of those who are looking for offense. Indeed that they have taken offense for something so innocent as a teddy bear's name in and of itself is offensive.

Thus as soon as the offense is taken tons more "offense" is given.

I have lived a long time. I have seen, heard, and smelled radicals of all sorts across the religious and political spectrum's, but this teddy bear thing is by far the most self destructive reaction I have ever seen. Now that it has gone on for years is incredible.
The real kicker of course is that in the South Park episodes in question the Muhammad Teddy was actually Santa Claus pretending to be Muhammad dressed up as a Teddy Bear. Now will Santa Claus (already a Christian blasphemer) be considered blasphemous in Islam?

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