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Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Emergency Cut Off Valve!!!!

Other countries require remote control emergency cut off valves on deep water oil wells. We don't? No Emergency Cutoff!

Oh sure they they had a BOP (Blow Out Prevention) System. Every jake leg wildcatter has one on their wells. BUT, it didn't work and won't work even now.

What the F----, why no emergency shut down?
This is being ignored by damn near everybody. How and the hell could they even dream about drilling a well like this without multiple redundant safety systems???????

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saving Arizona


Mike Christian, a fine upstanding example of Oklahoma conservatism and the results of term limits, wants to save the State of Arizona from the distinction of being the dumbest effing State in the Union. He is pushing a proposal, if passed (hell if introduced), that guarantees that Oklahoma will fill that slot and reap all of the "benefits" that come with it.

"OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma lawmaker's appreciation for Arizona's new tough anti-illegal immigration law has him considering taking it a step further.
State Rep. Mike Christian, R-District 93, said he likes Arizona's new immigration law and that he would like it to extend to babies born in the United States to illegal immigrant parents.
Once born, the children would be given back to their parents and deported."

The Rest of the Story

And to think his name is actually, "Christian."


Less than an hour after I posted this I learned that California may have done us one better!
Maybe nobody will notice our Fox Pause.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wall Street (Goldman Sachs) Versus The Tea Parties

Just an Observation:
Having watched the CSPAN testimony of the Goldman Sach's henchman about their labyrinth of deals and deals within deals and making bets on assets after sabotaging those asset so they fail and bribing other clients to bet on them so they could short their positions and sell their toxic assets to even different clients...etc. etc. etc...with sour contempt on their faces at the "ignorance' of the Senators, I have to note that the simplistic positions of the educated white middle class middle aged Tea Party members are from a different universe.

Wall Street Gobbledygook Vs. Tea Party certainties....

Wall Streeter's neck tie Vs. a Tea Partier's Sunday-go-to-meeting best suit.....

Wall Street's 10,000 page briefing book sitting on the table at the hearings and used in their testimony Vs. the Tea Partier's hand made sign "I want my Country Back".....

Wall Street's conceit and condescension Vs. The Tea Party superiority and aggressive demands....

Wall Street's Billions on Billions Vs. The Tea Party's nickles and dimes....

Wall Street's stealth Vs. The Tea Party's circus.....

Ah, America,
My America,
Forever in turmoil and conflict,
My America....

Monday, April 26, 2010

This Is What It Is All About!

My son has a puppy

It is a male Border Collie. He needs a name. Junior Bear and I are suggesting Bandit.
I mean look at that mask.

Bandit is a good name. I mean it looks like he has already stolen my son's heart.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Muhammad Bears Protest : Looking for Offense

Junior The Bear is supposed to be posting stuff on here to counteract my liberal based mania with the stupidity of all things reactionary and conservative in the extreme. Maybe he does not understand that the Muhammad Bear stuff is not about the Teddy Bear but about the over reaction of those who are looking for offense. Indeed that they have taken offense for something so innocent as a teddy bear's name in and of itself is offensive.

Thus as soon as the offense is taken tons more "offense" is given.

I have lived a long time. I have seen, heard, and smelled radicals of all sorts across the religious and political spectrum's, but this teddy bear thing is by far the most self destructive reaction I have ever seen. Now that it has gone on for years is incredible.
The real kicker of course is that in the South Park episodes in question the Muhammad Teddy was actually Santa Claus pretending to be Muhammad dressed up as a Teddy Bear. Now will Santa Claus (already a Christian blasphemer) be considered blasphemous in Islam?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Muhammed Bear Makes Trouble Again (A JTB Post)

Censored Version of the Bear

Two and a half years ago I shared my concerns about a bear named Muhammad that stirred up a ruckus in Sudan. I seems as though the same bear has gotten in trouble again by appearing on South Park the cable TV show. I guess that is what a little attention and noteriety can do to you, first you make the news and next thing you know you are appearing everywhere.

Uncensored version of the Bear

I wonder where Muhammad The Bear will show up next?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Muhammad Bear

Strange but True Tale About a Chinese Teddy Bear in Sudan

sudan 3

Fatman had the TV on this morning and I heard this story about a teacher who was going to be whipped because she sent a teddy bear home with her children. I was really really worried. Mama Bear is a Teacher and she gives her kids teddy bears all the time. Would she get in trouble too?


Fatman said , no Mama Bear will be just fine. We live in America and we don't do things like that here. I got on my computer and looked up "Sudan teddy bear" and got a lot of things about this story. Here is the picture of the teacher and of Muhammad the teddy bear. It seems that Sudan is a very very strict religious country that has something called Muslim Law. The head prophet of the Muslims was name Muhammad and in honor of him lots of parents name their boys Muhammad. So one of the teacher's students named Muhammad wanted to name the teddy bear after himself and she let him. Well naming anything Muhammad is considered disrespectful to Muhammad. Boys are people but they claim teddy bears are things. So she has been charged with a crime and may be punished a whole bunch.

I know this bear by the way. Mama Bear has one just like him and he is made in China and is a lot of trouble. So I am not surprised that he is the one causing trouble.


It makes me very very very sad to think that a teacher like Mama Bear is in jail and will be hurt because the teddy bear was named after some guy that died a long time ago.

suddan 5

When I was looking on the web I also found this picture of a teddy bear in Sudan. I wondered if this teddy was named Muhammad? I bet they won't whip this little boy, because he would probably shoot them. Sudan must be a very strange place. It lets boys carry rifles and punishes teachers for naming teddy bears.

sudan 2

I also learned while reading about Sudan that if you are really bad and blaspheme God there they will cut off your head. I am really worried that the teddy bear Muhammad might have his head cut off. Fatman says no that won't happen and I should not worry about it. So I asked about whether in my country would Mama Bear get in trouble if she named a teddy bear after God's son, Jesus? After all she has had many kids in her school named Jesus. Nope, that won't happen Fatman said. Even as weird as we get sometimes he said, we still live in America and have our freedoms.

sudan 4

Well now I feel better about Mama Bear and know that she is safe. But I am still worried about that bear and teacher in Sudan. I do hope the Chinese don't get mad at the people in Sudan if they do hurt their teddy bear made in China. Also I do hope that people in America don't get like those people in Sudan. I don't know much, but I know God can take care of himself. He doesn't need that kind of help. Cause there are two kinds of help Mama Bear says. There is the kind of help that helping is all about, and there is the kind of help that we can do without.


Editor: The story about the teacher can be found at:

Editor: Friday November 30 Update: The 54 year old teacher has been convicted in court of showing disrespect for Islam and sentenced to 15 days in jail and then will be expelled from Sudan. No word on what happened to the Bear of the Children involved. Mobs in sudan inflamed by sermons delivered at Friday prayers are demanding that the teacher be put to death. The government of Sudan seems to be using the incident to create a crises with Brittan. Will this be the Teddy Bear that started a war? Where is Chinese Lord Gordon when we need him?


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Bottled Water Bottles Can Purify Water: SODIS

Please Click Diagram to Enlarge

Each year Americans drink enough bottled water that the empties would reach four times around the world says a Britta Water Filter commercial. Bottled water is a evil, Yes? or No?

Well certain type of bottles used in bottling water it turns out can disinfect many contaminated waters. Check this out: SODIS

PET Plastic Number of bottles used in SODIS.

SODIS or Solar Disinfection is another one of those happy unintended consequences that sometimes happen.
Know someone around the world that could benefit from this knowledge? Spread the word!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19th Fifteen Years After

Sadness and slow tears.
Catharsis or just a cafard?
Inarticulate this time.
Watched a special about Tim McVeigh's audio tapes a writer made of him.

McVeigh talked and talked,
but I never heard him say...why...I want to know what seed planted by whom grew that demonic cyst that replaced his heart.
I heard him claim to be a proud who's army..of what cause?

He never gives us an answer, just quotes for his personal place in history that are meaningless.

Somehow the word sociopath just doesn't cover it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wild Horses

Wild horses. The BLM graciously lets ferrel horses and donkeys to roam our public lands.
I always enjoy seeing these guys when I roam the out back of Western America. Most times they are too far away or too skittish for me to get close enough for a photo. Sometimes I get lucky. These two were West of Laramie Wyoming two weeks ago grazing on God-knows-what cause I could not see anything edible.
Yes, that is snow on the ground.
Next month I've been invited to the barrier islands off North Carolina where another wild American horse roams. I've been told I'll need a sand-dune-Jeep and a lot of luck to get good photos of them as well. I'll rent the jeep and see if I can court the luck.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tea Party Types Cheer Baby Killer McVeigh

Hannity calls tea party GOPers “Tim McVeigh wannabees” — and they cheer!
HANNITY: "When you think about the vast majorities that they have in Congress and they had to bribe, backroom deals, corruption, that’s all because the tea party movement, the people — all these Tim McVeigh wannabes here."

I walked in the blood that day.

I attend the funerals.

I buried the dead that died afterwards and never got counted in the totals.

They want to be Tim McVeigh!

That might be arranged.

Where Is MSNBC?????

We usually think of TV ratings as something control by the viewer from their home.

But if you are not allowed to tune into a particular cable channel? Then, it is not you making the ratings, but the provider of the cable itself deciding for you. Funny, Americans are shitface incited that some health care law would get between them and their doctor, but unconcerned that some cable corporate conglomerate routinely gets between them and their information and understanding of reality.

Within the last year I have traveled into the mid-South, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, & Texas. I've traveled in Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, & Missouri. Recently I've been in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Oregon.

I find that Fox News is all over the place. In the motels and hotels I have stayed in as well as on the TVs in eating and drinking places and reception area for doctors and tire companies. When I go to my motel/hotel room and look on the TV channel listings, Fox is always there. CNN is often there as well. Roughly 80 to 90% of the time MSNBC is not.

Someone has decided that I need to see the Republican pseudo-conservative crap ladled out by our Australian Invader, but not my preferred liberal biased MSNBC.

Someone is standing between me and my information and filling the unsuspecting consumer of their product with Fox's swill.

You know if you feed a hog a balance diet of good stuff they love it, but if you feed a hog a diet of leavings and swill they grow to prefer that to the good stuff even though it is not good for them or for the farmer feeding them.

So is it the cable providers that are between me and my news? Is it the motel/hotel owners that have decided I need more swill than substance in my news? I mean if you aren't allowed to watch MSNBC then how will you ever know what they are saying? Freedom of speech? Not hardly! More like corporate control of access to speech.

You know back in the 1960s I took an oath to uphold the Constitution not the Corporations' interpretation of the Constitution. Corporate America seems to have blacklisted MSNBC when they can get away with it.

MSNBC is mild version on the left (want a strong dose try Bill Maher on HBO) of what Fox is on the right. If the corporate mentality can't stand even that modicum of free speech then what is next?

Where is my MSNBC?

On the road.......

Friday, April 2, 2010

Encounter Of The Prairie Dog Kind

Between Green River and Rawlins Wyoming we visited a small town of prairie dogs.