Monday, January 11, 2010

What Is It That They Don't Get?

Is it New York? Yankee Greed? A sense of superiority? Just plain dumb?
Even now why don't "THEY" get it?

Example one: From the Wall Street Journal:

Bankers Unhappy with Best Year Ever

Goldman Sachs is set to report its highest yearly profit ever, but its employees, apparently, are unhappy: According to The Wall Street Journal, employees are saying that too much of their annual bonuses will be in stock that they cannot immediately sell, complicating their annual household budgets. While the raw numbers at Goldman and other banks are likely to add up to near-record paydays, the banks are stressing that their “comp ratios”—the ratio of total compensation costs to net revenues—are at an all-time low. Goldman, for one, is expected to announce its lowest comp ratio since it went public in 1999, with compensation accounting for 42.8 percent of revenue.

Example Two:

The Wall Street Journal, want to read the article then you must subscribe to the newspaper. No free rides from Rupert Murdoch et. al..

What the heck are they doing? Do they expect to live in Golden Ghettos, secure from the masses? They just don't give a damn, so why should we. When you have a leech sucking on you, don't you burn it off?Read it at Th


TStockmann said...

No, I don't think they're worried. I wouldn't be worried either. Remember the horrendous labor wars of the early twentieth century? Many dead workers, eh? Some dead scabs. Even a few policemen and Pinkertons. How many dead industrialists?

Like current workplace rages - a guy gets screwed by his company, shoots his equally screwed coworkers. Then maybe himself. That'll show 'em.

Loving justice - poetic or otherwise - doesn't mean you have to believe it happens, except sometimes by accident.

drlobojo said...

Points conceded. And yet Murdoch's own children are turning against him and naming Fox News as the reason. What's money when you forfeit family.

As for Goldman Sachs, I think if you have been associated with them, it will work against you in the future.

Goldman Sachs, AIG,etc. exhibiting non-productive if not criminal forms of capitalism, will push America further into socialism than any Liberal effort could have ever done.

Then there are dumb shits like General Motors. Last December I bought a brand new Chevy pickup for almost $3000 less than their actual cost to build it. Justice has many forms.

The Forth-Turning is well under way.