Thursday, January 7, 2010

OK, It Is Really Cold: Mississippi River Frozen Near St. Louis

(updated with new spellings)


When the Mississippi River freezes over as far down as St. Louis, then your Dang Right it is cold.

So here is what the Mississippi Rvier looked like in 1910.

Here is what the Mississippi River looks like in 2010.
(Photo by NewsChannel 5 Photojournalist Any Broadway)

Pictures provided by KSDX TV show the Mississippi River frozen over at Alton Illinois. Alton is just up River from St. Louis and just above the confluence of the Missouri River with the Mississippi.


Aaron said...

Big difference between the river freezing at Afton and it freezing at St. Louis.

drlobojo said...

Yes, it is called the Missouri River flow. Now when the Missouri River, which 25% trees and 50% mud freezes, that will be COLD to the third power.

drlobojo said...

So it should have been Alton instead of Afton. Thanks Erin for the "heads up".

BB-Idaho said...

Yep, that's cold. Moving water requires quite a cold snap to freeze over and even '25% trees and 50% mud' can freeze..witness
Lewis & Clark at Ft. Mandan recording 45 below! Seems it is a flooding problem on north flowing
streams like the Red River up by
Fargo. As a kid from N. Wisconsin,
I learned to never go out on river ice as the currents did weird things, even in intense cold...