Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's Play A Game : Corporate Wars (Roller-ball was Kids' Play)

The SCOTUS today move all political decision in America into the Corporate Board rooms across the world. Now they didn't intend to do that, but for smart people they are pretty dumb sometimes. You'll have to read about that elsewhere, not here. Here we are going to play a game. Are you ready? I'll start with a few examples and you add yours in as we go.

What happens when corporations have to compete for their profits in the political area with EACH OTHER. Well there would have to be sooner or latter the resorting to the extension of politics known as a WAR.

Walgreen's is already in a store to store competition with CVS. Next?

Want to invest in a future winner? Try corporate security companies.

Industrial espionage will expand by megas times megas.

Likely voters will be targeted with coupons and special deals only if that corporations candidate wins. (and you thought drinks for votes was history)

Got the idea?

Good, let's brainstorm. We might could get rich with this.

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