Thursday, January 28, 2010

Corpus Christi Brown Water Surfing

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Padre Island is the barrier island that protects Corpus Christi harbor. It is a long low island that extends past its shoreline out into the Gulf of Mexico creating a wide shallow shelf.

The day these were taken there was a 40 mph wind blowing a system in from the Gulf. It was overcast and the waves were breaking as they entered the shelf. It was a roiling sandy/silty mess of water almost thick enough to walk on.

Even so, intrepid surfers were braving the water and waves to find a ride.

And they were suceeding.

What I worried about is when they fell were they covered with more dirt that water.

It looked kinda like surfing a flood on the Arkansas river.

But surf it they did!

I hope they didn't swallow too much of the "water".

Endless Summer?

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