Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Non-Bilateral Abraham Lincoln

Following my principle that hardly anything is none of my business....

It was the mannequin of the young Abraham Lincoln at the State Museum in Springfield, Illinois that got me started on this. Looking at his face you could see a close bilateral similarity to the right and left sides.

Where as just a few feet away the most often seen portrait of Abraham Lincoln portrayed a face that was much different. The left side was higher and larger than the right, and the eyes and ears did not line up with each other at all.

Indeed it seems Lincoln understood he had this "imbalance and normally turned his right side to the camera in his photographs. Maybe that is why i like this drawing of him above because it shows his left side more.

So when I came home I experimented with the Brady photograph of Lincoln looking straight at the camera. The above photo shows Lincoln's face composed of only his left side reversed and substituted for his right side as well. As it is known our left side is our "sinister" side and this certainly holds true in this version on Lincoln.

Doing the same for the right side of his face gives a completely different person.

So I went googling to see why the difference was so pronounced in Lincoln and came up with this site:

Note that the sight used the same picture the way I did.

Did Lincoln really have a rare genetic disease?

Would he have lived much longer or died of cancer?


Carol said...


drlobojo said...

Yes, and of course they can't test any of his tissue to check for the DNA markers because his body is not accessable in that it is encased in concrete to keep it from being stolen for ransom again.

jay paul said...

Nice post! Can’t wait for the next one. Keep stuff like this coming.

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Anonymous said...

With no language ability (left brain) at birth but an ability to temperamentally (right brain) scream we are right brain dominant at birth. As language develops the left brain matures and by school entry the language left brain has not only caught up but overtaken the right brain,.The brain feeds the opposite side so with left brain dominance not surprising we are mostly right handed.With the genetically inherited neurological dysfunction called ADHD, we then have either a dominant right brain and /or an immature left brain . Right brain dominance gives a behavior problem and left brain immaturity a possible learning problem.and a tendency to being left handed..With a bigger better right brain from the time in the uterus, there is some tendency to have an asymmetrical face. As skin and brain are both from .ectodermal origin a genetic dysfunction will manifest with skin and brain changes. President Lincolm was left handed and had an asymmetrical face. A symian fold in the palm and a curved little finger is also often seen in ADHD.