Sunday, November 1, 2009

No Honor Among Thieves : How About Being a Stool Pigeon Just For Revenge

Den of theives: Goldman Sachs Tower NYC

America has been ripped off more in the last 9 years than in all the previous 224 years. Nobody is being hung. No one is going to jail. No one is even being inconvenienced or dishonored for it. Instead the criminal minds that did the deed are being hired to fix it. Indeed,again, we are paying the pirates that got us here humongous bonuses for doing so. Maybe we need to revisit our kindergarten curriculum about sharing.

Now I don't want to sound like Glenn Beck or any other of the Cassandras or Ralph Beals on Cable News, but jeez guys should we not recognize when have been pillaged and raped? If a private in the Army acted like the executives at these Wall Street Firms he would have been put up before a firing squad.

So now we find that one of the biggest of the thieves was setting up the other thieves for a fall. OK, Lehman Brothers, Bank America, et. al. and etc. isn't it about time you started turning informant on the the guys that really took you down?

Why don't you testify against Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Bet on Housing Crash

Goldman Sachs sold more than $40 billion in securities backed by 200,000 risky home mortgages in 2006 and 2007, but the nation's premier investment bank never told buyers that it was secretly betting that U.S. housing prices would drop. Goldman's clandestine maneuvers enabled the bank to pass most of its potential losses onto others before mortgage defaults flooded the world economy. A McClatchy investigation out Sunday reveals that Goldman's failure to disclose deals may have violated securities laws. "The Securities and Exchange Commission should be very interested in any financial company that secretly decides a financial product is a loser and then goes out and actively markets that product or very similar products to unsuspecting customers without disclosing its true opinion," said one economist. "This is fraud and should be prosecuted."

Read the whole thing here!

Boys and girls they took the loot and ran with it and left you to twist in the wind. Tell us what you know.

If these were Somali Pirates, would we say, OK boys, keep our treasures and don't rob us again?
And ,oh yes, we will forgive you for all the death and misery and pain and heart ache you've caused, even though you haven't ask for it and don't want it because you think piracy is an honorable profession and you were brilliant to get into it.

We know who did it. We know where they live. Why not go and get it back?


Feodor said...

The building you have pictured is not the main GS building in lower Manhattan. It's the one in Jersey City, NJ, across the Hudson from lower Manhattan, only part of which hosts a portion of GS employees.

It is the tallest building in NJ, FYI.

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