Friday, October 23, 2009 A Geek Site Par Excellance

Being a fan of the long defunct TV series "Firefly" I was intrigued when a ran across a picture of a Blue Sun whiskey bottle on the web a while back. So I went Googling for the source and soon came up with one of the best Geek Sites In The World: . Not only can you buy stuff here that can be had in no other place but a lot of it is offered up free by its creators.

Take for example this Marlboro type package used as a prop on the X-files and dozens of other shows(didn't know that did you), Morley Five Lies smokes.

Or how about this great poster showing a Blue Sun Ad.

How about some old Alliance whiskey?

Or maybe getting the paper labels to make your own Blue Sun bottle stuff in which to disguise that cheap bourbon you always drink.
There is a lot more more than just "Firefly" stuff there.

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