Saturday, September 5, 2009

Your Blog: It Is Just Too Depressing

Meet my new blogging pardner?

Wife: You know people that read my blog tell me that they have stopped reading your blog because it is just too depressing.

Me: What, they can't face the serious issue of the day?

Wife: Well that's all you write about. I worry about your sanity sometimes.

Me: Who me?

OK, OK, I got the message. So I started to try to lighten up my posting such as talking about erections and other funny stuff. I just didn't work.

Me: I tried. I just can't do it.

Wife: Well maybe you need to add another voice to the blog.

Me: OK, I 'll do that.

So I decide to recruit one of the safest non-depressing bloggers I know to be my blog pardner.

Someone who was almost perfect to off set my depressing reality.

My good friend, Fatman, has a Grandbear that wanders with him around the country and has a blog over on Xanga.

So I approached him only to find out that he has been going though a bout of severe depression and stopped blogging many months ago. Well shit, I exclaimed. No, said Fatman, this is good. I can convince Junior that he would be helping you if he blogged with you and you could help him get out of this slump.
And so it became.

Junior's current blog is at :

So Junior will join me here after this week and will provide a different "voice" (boy does he).


Okie Book Woman said...

YES! Great idea! I love Junior!

Trixie said...

You know I am Junior's biggest fan. It will be good to see him writing again -- helping you out. I hate to hear my bear buddy has been fighting the blues too, though. Will be good to see how he's occupied his time since he's not been writing. (JUNIOR! WRITE! XOXOXOX your fan Trixie.)

drlobojo said...
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