Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Intermission and which cabin to chose

Going to take a little intermission here. I'll be deep enough into the boonies that I won't have Internet access for the next 10 days or so. For the week after that, access will intermittent. Junior The Bear apparently still has access however and so far has not lost the passwords so you may hear from him during the next 17 days. So JTB, try not to take advantage of my absence you cotton bottom Ursine.

So if you were going to rent one of these cabins for a week which one would you want?
They are both on the upper Tennessee River.

Cabin 'A' looks rustic but clean, neat, and simple. It seems to have blacktop parking (or is that gravel?) near it and is only a few yards from the River. But I don't see any electricity or plumbing. Can't see if the window has a screen or not. That first step looks a little long to me as well. Do they have gators in the Tennessee River?

Cabin 'B' is a little junkie and the road looks like it is all dirt. The grass around it is mowed (or grazed). The window looks to have a screen on it. Are bugs a problem on the River this time of year? It does seem to have electricity (a meter and box are in front) and maybe even water etc. (looks like pipes under the cabin). It does seem to lean to the front a bit. It is some distance from the River however.

Cost is no object (meaning they both are dirt cheap). Which one would you pick? I asked Wife and she said, "Pitch a tent and save money."

Now I'm just adding this picture cause I took it and I ain't never seen no crop duster fly that low before( I really hope this was an optical illusion) and I used to work for one in high school till he hung his plane up on a barbed wire fence taking off from an alfalfa field and ended his crop dusting business and my flying lessons (they were part or my pay). I worked for him as a flagman and a swamper, but that's another story.


Feodor said...

If you rent Cabin A, you can keep a journal, write a book about staying there, and try to capture lightening in a bottle with superb marketing.

If you rent Cabin B, you'll come home happy to have a strong shower head again.

These are best case scenarios.

drlobojo said...

I think I will opt for hot water and a shower head and good food prepared by others. The General's Quarters a B&B a bit further down in Corinth Mississippi would suite my age, remember how old I am now, and creaky body. Those Tennessee cabins be a might primitive for me. Cabin A is owned by a distant relative who has a catfish eating place near by, but well, I am a woos.

Feodor said...

Well, now I want some catfish and I'm a hell of a long way from Tennessee. There is a great place in Philadelphia called Mrs. Tootsie's. She served long planks of catfish and an okra/tomato compote that was fabulous. And cornbread.

In New York, I don't know. I'm sure there is, but the price would reflect the fact that they don't know what they are doing and they don't expect their diners to either.

Feodor said...

I hope you have a good time.