Friday, September 4, 2009

Health Insurance Co-Payment to Double: 100% Increase

Ho, Ho, Ho, got a letter yesterday from my Health Care Insurance Company. Guess what! Starting in January 2010, my office visit co-payment will double. Yep, it will go up 100%.
It will increase from a minimum of $25 per visit to $50 (not counting any "extra consultations" or testing). A couple of years before I retired it was $10 per visit. So in 10 years it will have increased by 500%. Just this one little piece of my cost of living has gone up 500%.

Now for me, this is a short term inconvenience. Cause come 2010, I go on Medicare. You know that socialist/communist universal health care program that Regan opposed. For my wife, well I figure because of her just being diagnosed with an on going chronic condition which will require a number of office visits, it might cost us the equivalent of say, one month's current insurance payment. That means her health care insurance cost will go up 8.5% next year. 8.5% increase in one year.

Of course the company said this was being done so that the health care "premium" would not have to be raised. Wow! You see, most of the premiums for this company are paid by State Agencies and Businesses. So in order to not cost those entities any more money they pass the cost directly on to the health care consumer, the patient. Whoopee F..../.

Another few years and we can just print, "In Health Insurance Companies We Trust" right on the money we pay them with.


Trixie said...

I hear you. By the time I pay for my insurance and the huge deductible, I don't have enough mone6y to pay my co-payments and the parts insurance won't cover. It's about to force me into bankruptcy.

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drlobojo said...

My youngest son has a policy with this company. He has a minimum of two office visits per month for required treatment. That's a guaranteed increase of $600 next year.

How many people will self ration a visit to the doctor under such an increase.