Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Governor and the Demon (Bill Buckley Jr. where are you?)

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana was a Rhodes Scholar and as such has published several articles in the New Oxford Review.

This one describes his participation in an exorcism.

Physical Dimensions of a Spiritual Warfare
December 1994
By Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal received his M.Litt. in Politics earlier this year from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He is currently an Associate at McKinsey & Co. in Washington, D.C. He has been accepted at Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School, and has the option of returning to Oxford for a D.Phil. in Politics. He will be deciding which path to pursue soon. A convert to Christianity, he was born and raised Hindu. Some of the names in this article, but none of the details, have been altered by the author.

Though she had not said anything, I knew something was wrong. Susan and I had developed an intimate friendship; indeed, our rela­tionship mystified observers, who insisted on finding a romantic component where none existed. I called her after the University Christian Fellowship (UCF) meeting -- UCF is an Inter-Varsity Christian group composed of undergraduate and graduate students. Though the interdenominational group's weekly program of songs and prayers had produced the usual emotional high among most members, Susan had left the meeting in a very sullen mood. I asked her to join a group of us who were attending a Chris­tian a cappella concert to be held on campus that same evening.

Despite our intimacy, Susan and I had not spent much time together this past year. We had succumbed to pressure from our friends and de­cided we should not be so emotionally interdependent without a deeper commitment. To be honest, my fears of a relationship and the constraints of commitment had kept us apart; our friends' objec­tions merely provided a convenient excuse. Still, I felt comfortable asking her to come to the concert, and she accepted the invitation. Though Susan ap­peared composed throughout the concert, her sud­den departure in the middle of a song convinced me otherwise and affirmed my earlier suspicions.

There was no doubt in my mind that I had to leave my friends and follow her outside. I was not exactly sure what I would do or say, but I knew I had to run after her. I found that she had not gone far, but was sobbing uncontrollably outside the auditorium. Since we had been very careful to avoid any form of physical contact in our friendship, I was not sure how to respond. My inaction and her sobs produced a very awkward situation. Fortunately, a female friend who followed us out was able to comfort Su­san with hugs and soothing words of reassurance; her quick action was in stark contrast to my paraly­sis. Once Susan had regained her composure and fell silent, I knew I had to intervene. The female friend meant well, but did not know Susan well enough to provide the advice Susan was sure to seek.

Not even knowing the cause of this raucous scene, I asked Susan if she would like to talk, and volunteered to walk her home. Wanting to avoid any additional embarrassing scenes, I thought it best to remain in silence while we walked. I dared not cause another emotional outpouring until we were safely behind closed doors. When we finally reached her dorm room, I promptly sat Susan on a bed and placed myself in a chair located several feet across the room. This physical arrangement was hardly conducive to the love and support I was supposed to be providing, but I was too scared and unsure of myself to get any closer.

Read the whole article: It will cost you one dollar fifty cents.

At least this could get him the Voodoo vote if he runs for president.

Where is a William F. Buckley Jr. when we need one?
The liberals can't be left alone to do what they want to do unchecked.
They need to have the whet stone of opposition to sharpen their efforts.
The conservatives are offering up people like Jindal, and Palin, and Romney, and "Just say No" as solutions.
Bill Buckley Jr. where are you?


Dr. Bill Loney said...

Doc--we like Bobby--he workin hard to keep us 49th in all the categories--thank god fer Mississippi! He is a turbo nerd, and his overkill during hurricanes gustav and Ike was a welcome change compared to blanco/nagin/bush's dumbassity during Katrina.

IMHO, voters is caught up with personalities. Reagan> Carter & Mondale, Bush1 > Dukakis, Clinton> Bush1 & Dole, W> gore&kerry(how else can u explain W?) & BO > McCain.

Brock ain't got no worries in 2012...they ain't nobody out there got a fraction of the appeal of the potus. Bobby has got the personality of a dish rag. If you want to guarentee a '12 landslide, instead of ragging Bobby, promote him.

drlobojo said...

I'm rootin for Palin. A known quantity. I'm afeared some "viable" kook will run and really split this nation.