Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goo Got Me

Fatman said that this would be fun. That if I blogged with Dr. Lobo it would make me feel better.

So what's this stuff? I come over here to post a little blog entry and the next thing you know I'm covered in this stuff.

What's happening. HELP!


Trixie said...

Hold on, lil' buddy! I'll get some Goo-B-Gone to rescue you!

Okie Book Woman said...

Junior! Please hang in there, despite red goo and other obstacles. Dr. Lobojo needs you! All his readers need you! Don't go away!

drlobojo said...

What is this? I post a series of complex metaphorical insights and along comes this stuffed antique and he gets comments about getting goo on him and my posts, my posts at my own blog get nothing?

Anonymous said...

Say JTB, I'm about to take a trip to Memphis. Would you like to go? We can go by Elvise's Graceland and you can visit the King! That ought to cheer you up some. Say I hope Trixie gets you cleaned up soon, I don't want you getting that stuff all over the car.

Anonymous said...

Who's Elvise, the vise,? Oh you meant Elvis as in Priestly, the God of Rock N' Roll!. I'll go.

drlobojo said...

WTH, don't you two live together? What's this your private communication system? JTB, when you get back I really need to talk to you about our future bloggings.
Fatman, thanks a bunch, you....have...been... er helpful.