Saturday, September 12, 2009

Give it Up! Give Up You Goverment Health Care!

I watched the 912 Tea Party on the Capitol steps some today on its sponsoring cable channel Fox News . Senator Jim Demint Of S.C. said that there were hundreds of thousands at the rally. Glen Beck lowered the numbers by a factor of ten when he claimed there were tens of thousands there.

I just want to focus on something I heard there from two people, one a veteran, and one a proud great-grandmother. Both stated they did not want Government run health care because they did not want all that tax burden on their children and grandchildren.

Fair enough. Let's start at home with each of you guys and every other person over 65, or using VA health care who feels that way in principle. Here is what you have to do to put yourself where your mouth says you are. Give it up. Give up you Medicare. Don't go to the VA for care or medicine. Tell your unmarried grand daughter with three kids and no job not to take that Medicaid she has been using.

If everybody who has mouthed those words gave up their Government sponsored health care, then and only then should they be listened to. Give it up or shut up.

If you don't give it up, then you are either a liar or a hypocrite. For you people who don't believe there should be government health care and are under 65 but with parents and grandparents over 65, get them off of Medicare and add them to your family insurance. Do that or shut up.

You want to be heard. You want to get rid of government health care? You want us to believe you're not just a dupe and a sock puppet for corporate thoughts, then give it up or shut up and go back home.


TStockmann said...

Good call.

drlobojo said...

As a parallel consideration:
In the Native American Councils you may only speak if you have authority on the subject and a solution to offer. Thus the taciturn Indian stereotype was born.

Can you see the 24/7 news cycle contending with that?

TStockmann said...

Well, I for one would welcome a return to 24/7 music videos, at least on MTV - and Fox News.