Monday, July 13, 2009

The White Men Won't Go Quietly

Today White Doctor Senator Conservative Oklahoma's own Tom Coburn said this to a Latina Federal Judge of some many years on the bench....

" We expect a judge to merely call balls and strikes. Maybe so, maybe not. But we certainly don't expect them to sympathize with one party over the other. And that's where empathy comes from.
Judge Sotomayor, you must prove to the Senate that you will adhere to the proper role of a judge and only base your opinions on the Constitution, statutes, and, when appropriate, treaties. That's your oath. That's what the Constitution demands of you. You must demonstrate that you will strictly interpret the Constitution and our laws and will not be swayed by your personal biases or your political preferences, which you're entitled to."

Empathy = Sympathy?

Empathy = Prejudice?

The 106 white boys on SCOTUS haven't been prejudice because they were white but he's afraid this female Puerto Rican heritage judge will be? How can a man old enough to have lived under Oklahoma's Segregated Constitution and Jim Crow Laws say this stuff?

Tom says Lady Justice is "Always" depicted blind. Just for the record she wasn't blind until the 15th century. I've always contended she was only blindfolded so she couldn't see the privileged class reaching up to tip the scale.

Basically what Tom and other Republicans did today was shrink their Party just a little bit more.

You guys need to stop this. Truly, as a Yellow Dog Democrat I don't want you to go away. I need you. Your the only thing that gives the Democratic Party unity. Without you guys we will start eating our own. Stick around will you, and please keep talking.
Oh yes, and take that fraudulent metaphor of a blindfold off my court system!


Feodor said...

Exactly right.

They blindfold someone just before shooting them, don't they?

drlobojo said...


drlobojo said...

I have paid so much attention to the level of madness (or dementia) of my own Oklahoma Senators that I hadn't notice the out-of-place and in-over-their-heads nature of other State's Senators.

Todays performance of the Senators from Alabama and South Carolina actually give Oklahoma a small break from being at the bottom.
Thank God for the voters in these States!