Saturday, July 25, 2009


Dear readers and common taters,

I'm taking off for a while.

As the pictures show, much is on my mind.

It is not that I am short of subjects to discuss. Also by the plethora of comments submitted about my recent past post tell me that a myriad of people are eager to read my humble opinions. But rather that I should give America a break from my penetrating insights and wit for a time. To let you recover before my next onslaught of wisdom.

After all Congress is taking recess soon, and when they are out on play ground and away from the building the Land is safe from molestation for the time of their absence.

So it is time for me to take off for a while as well and get some outside things done and fix some of the corpus problems as well. But make no mistake, like the crazy guy who wanders the streets of your local city talking only to himself I will return here to this blog to do the same.


Trixie said...

That reminds me, I haven't seen Smoking Bob for a while. I should drive around and see if I can spot him just to make sure he is OK.

Come back soon. Regards to Junior.

drlobojo said...

Junior is too busy riding a rocking horse he found last summer to write, but he says Hi.