Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Number Games For Today

At 12:34.56 A.M and P.M. today July, 8, 2009 the shorthand time/date was sequential.
It was 123456789 twice today. So when will that happen again?

When will the date equal the Fibonacci sequence?

California, the State of, is playing number games today too. It is harking back to the Great Depression and paying with promissory warrants dated October 2009. They will pay the warrant bearer 3% annualized interest on that date. Also the warrants can be sold by the original recipient for 85% of face value now. So you guys with cash buy those dang things now!
If a State warrant for a $100 is bought for $85 and pays 3% interest of $0.75 then the buyer makes $15.75 profit in three months. So if you can keep this up over time you can make, uh, well, you do the math, a whole bunch in a year. You know that California will have to do this again and will pay up eventually with a good return.

But the biggest numero-uno-game is the Hospitals promising to provide x billion dollars in un-charges to finance health care reform. What are they promising? Well they will stop overcharging the government for hospital charges and will lower them down to the lowest negotiated charges they have been having the insurance companies pay. Wow! But they didn't promise to stop charging those without health insurance the full menu rate which is also much higher than the negotiated rates for insurance companies. That's like the Mafia agreeing to only rob you of half your money instead of all of it like they did that last time they rob you.
Kuddoes to the Hospital's for their number games.

Don't you just love these?

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