Thursday, July 23, 2009

No, Really, This Shit Must Stop Now! Redux

Here are three items from and about the BIRTHERS for your information:

Now these are actually funny in a perverted sort of way. They remind me of some of the historical cartoons aimed at Lincoln by those who hated him. This is Freedom of Speech.
But cumulative hate leads to erosion of sanity.

Check this out:
Media Matters: Jon Stewart

Funny yes, Ironic, yes, but.....
Why does it continue?
Is someone looking for a motive?
Is someone promoting a motive?
What is being said after hours?

I live in the land that Tim McVeigh shat on.
If the "news" people had directly incited him like they are doing for this, I don't know what might have happened after the bombing.
Incitement is serious business.
Where is the self policing of morons by the media?
Isn't there a Federal prosecutor out there that can deal with this?
Or would that just feed the hate?
Someone should at least brand these doggies to know who to cull come round-up time.

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drlobojo said...

"A Certificate of Live Birth is not a Birth Cetificate!"
---G. Gordon Liddy. convicted Watergate felon and darling of the fruitcake crowd.