Friday, July 24, 2009

Do The Math, Are We Just Being Dumb Americans About This?

The total cost for health care in America in 2006 was 2.2 trillion dollars, by 2008 is was 2.6 trillion dollars. If we could by some damn miracle hold the cost of health care down to 2008 rates, then the cost Obama's Health Care Reform Plan over ten years (1.o or 1.6 trillion dollars depending on you source) would equal only four to six percent of all the money spent on the existing health care system. What, we can't SAVE four to six percent on the cost to pay for the plan?

"Current estimates put U.S. health care spending at approximately 15.2% of GDP... The health share of GDP is expected to continue its historical upward trend, reaching 19.5 percent of GDP by 2017. Of each dollar spent on health care in the United States 31% goes to hospital care, 21% goes to physician services, 10% to pharmaceuticals, 8% to nursing homes, 7% to administrative costs, and 23% to all other categories(diagnostic laboratory services, pharmacies, medical device manufacturers, etc."

Now figure that the cost of the existing system isn't going to stay at 2.6 trillion dollars per year but will go up by as much as 30 to 70% over the next decade.

So we haven't got courage enough to gamble less that 4 percent of what we are already going to spend to let everyone in on good health.

In the next ten years the average America will spend not less than $80,000 per person on health care. So can you spare say $400 to $500 per year to help out the guys without health care?

Don't listen to the hired mouths of the health insurance industry. Do the math.

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