Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Can't Fly Over a Turkey Farm

Predator over New York? No, just a stupid decision.

Turkeys have an innate fear and instinctual reaction to shadows form things flying over them.

In the wild, poults (youngens) will run into the bushes or under a tree and hide from the predator that the shadow indicates. When you create an artificially dense population like a turkey farm they do the same thing. Problem is there are hundreds of them doing it. So they mass together and squash each other.

Thus poultry farms are noted on flight maps for air planes. A turkey can't tell the difference between a raptor, a sack floating in the wind, a small plane, a kite, or any other shadow producing phenomena.

Us humans have an innate fear of the unknown agent. The rustle of the bushes in the night might mean tiger. Lighting striking you flock might mean a god is angry. Politicos and demagogues have played on this weakness for thousands of years. For the last decade we have had more than our share of the misuse of this fear.

So when some dumb ass, unthinking, asshole authorized a low level fly over ground zero for 9/11 of a 747 being chased by an F-16 the city was ripe to react to the unknown agent fear in us. OK , we all are turkeys in the sense that threatened we run for cover. You should have seen me diving for cover because of my startle response after I got back from Nam.

We have been condition by real events and the use of the real events to scare us by thugs. It will take time to recover. It doesn't help that Idiots float those shadows over us out their ignorance.
Yesterday's dumb trick could have killed people. Run down 50 flights of stairs and see if you die. I would. It seems it didn't cause death, but it could have.
Mr. President, fire the bastard.

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