Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Never Say Anything

People are surprised that President Obama would support our electronic intelligence and signal intelligence system against any disclosure. Don't be. Bush tried to misused them, but that is no reason to destroy them when we need them to function.

Cheney was so damn stupid about this that he was sure Obama would be stupid about it and do it badly. Wrong. The Bushies broke fifty years of ethical behavior by a system that could have easily been abused before but wasn't. So who is criminal the system or the actors?

Unconstitutional, illegal, over-reaching, really? Civil liberties shut down? I wonder how many cases of high security are heard in secret each year by the SCOTUS. None you say. Oh really.
Why then is there a special Federal prison for such convictions w/in the U.S.?

Things are never all they seem, and other things are much much more.

Never Say Anything, and you'll never have anything to be heard.


BB-Idaho said...

Last I heard, NSA/Homeland had about 500,000 on their list. Wonder if they had any of these
recent macho mass killer folk?

drlobojo said...

NSA is indepenedent of Homeland, DIA, CIA, et. al. and has no visable Congressional oversight or budget. Under the law (well what I thought I knew about the law that wasn't there to be known), the instant that a purely internal or a foriegn case with significant criminal internals came up it was turned over to the FBI who had the only legal authority to act withing the U.S..
Then NSA filed it away. Historical exceptions were the two weeks after Kennedy was assasinated and two months after MLK was assasinated. Reason? Unknown. Legal authority? Unknown. But then for sure they report directly to the President(Johnson and Nixon) on internal U.S. matters. NSA up until 9/11 never deployed thier target explotation within the United States based on all the readings I have. Now what Bush II did for sure I don't know. But it looks like after 9/11 he just kept them active all the time w/in the U.S.. Everything I've said here prior to 9/11 is now in the public record. Of course you have got to know what you are reading to know what is being said.