Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swiftboating Lipstick On A Pit Bull Pig

This should be the new chant for rallies where John McCain shows up alone.

The Rove inspired, if not advised rePublican trash machine has created a swift boat type effort to create the impression that Obama called Sarah Paling a Pig.
Read about it here:,0,4703724.story

(source WSJ)

I personally have always considered that phrase sexist and stupid, and I am sorry the Obama used it. He was being dumb when he did. But no he didn't call Palin a pig and the McCain camp knows that so that is why what they are doing is dishonest and vile. Earlier this year John McCain said the exact same thing about Hillery Clinton's policies:

Was McCain calling Hillery a Pig. Did Sarah Palin corner the market on the word lipstick when she used it in her speech? Are some words reserved for rePulican use and not for use by Democrats lest they be swiftboated? This boggles the mind on so many levels.

Yep, even Dick Cheney has used the phrase!

If you look hard enough you can find that almost every politician has used the phrase, probably even Sarah Palin.
So maybe two good things will come out of this. Democratic hecklers can use "LIPSTICK! LIPSTICK! at McCain rallies and everybody will get so cautious about using the phrase that it will go away and then die off. One can hope so.


BB-Idaho said...

One can see Rove's touch since McCain forgave him. Gotta admit
ol Karl can make manure glitter...

drlobojo said...

Dear God it is worse that I could have imagined! I actually saw Tory Clark on TV critiscizing Obama for using the phrase. Who is she you ask? Well she is McCain's old press person who wrote the book "Kissing The Pig". See it here:

These guys are distracting us as they pick our pocket. I used to think of John McCain as an honourable man. No more. He's just a petty thief like the others.