Thursday, September 25, 2008

Security Trumps Freedom: Microsoft VISTA Sucks Big Time

So I heard that Microsoft Vista sucked. But how much could it be bad I said?
After all I had Vista on my wife's laptop that we used to travel with and it worked just fine. Of course we only really used the laptop for Word, and e-mail, and to download photos from my digital camera to back them up. I have been using a window product wayback to my XT and AT machines.
So LIKE THE DUMB AMERICAN CONSUMER THAN I AM, I bought a new Dell with Vista on it to use primarily for my photographic needs.

Vista Sucks!

I can't load my old photo programs onto my new computer.

Vista Sucks!

All I have learned about moving files around in Windows doesn't work anymore.

Vista Sucks!

My older Adobe Photo, Firehand Ember Pro, and Arcsoft photo stuff are mostly incompatible with Vista even after downloaded fixes.

Vista Sucks!

My super duper Epson R800 8 ink archival type color photo printer does not work on Vista. Yes , both Vista and Epson tell me that NOW!

Vista Sucks!

My very nice newish Epson Scanner required 3 downloads to function with Vista and I'm not really sure it still does.

Vista Sucks!

Ignore those damn Mojave/Vista commercials; VISTA SUCKS!

They invented Vista to overcome XP's security problems, and screwed Windows freedoms of use. Well Vista is secure alright it is secure from me.

Did I tell you that VISTA SUCKS?

Now I have this brand new Dell computer that won't do anything I bought it to do.


Apple anyone?


BB-Idaho said...

So, what do ya think of Vista?..

TStockmann said...

Switched to Apple last month and it does everything I want it to do - EXCEPT I need to enable right click, which I miss.

drlobojo said...

bb, Vista Sucks!

I'm giving my wife the new Vista Computer and I will take her XP which has all of my photo programs on it and can handle my Epson machinery. I came within a hairs breadth ( say might it be a hare's breath?) of wiping Vista off this turkey and loading up my XP setups from my old machine. My son talked me out of it. He reminded me of the first time I tried to use Windows 95, and all the spit an sputter I did them because it was not back compatible to my old files and programs(I had to by my first ink jet because of it).
So wife get the Vista which fits her writting world perfectly. I meanwhile get the old computer.

Next time, I will gaddam gaurantee you that I'll go Apple.
Vista sucks!