Friday, September 19, 2008

Lewis and Clark at Fort Mandan

In 2003 I visited the replica of Fort Mandan in July. These photographs were made at that time. So I will let the visuals speak for themselves with minimum explanations.

Captains quarters. However they got the beds wrong. Clark and Lewis would have slept in a semi-upright position sort of like a patio lounge chair of today. It was the common practice of the time and was due in the main to their diet and the tendency towards heartburn and reflux. Their keel boat beds where indicative of this trend.

The Missouri River down from the Fort. I spent almost an hour along this shore watching a mama duck swimming with her six ducklings ward off an eagle that was standing on a sandbar waiting for their protective formation to break up in the swift current. They never did and finally the eagle gave up and went away and the duck and ducklings climbed upon the sand bar for a rest.

Sargent's quarters

USGS aerial photo of the replica fort

Some would contend that the "kit bag" would have been white.
However it were made of "oiled cloth" to water proof it , then it may have been red.

The "Blue" point blanket is actually from a later date than the L&C trip.

The "horned" anvil is a little too modern for L&C. Their's would have been more square and made of Iron. Steel was way to precious to use for an anvil except in very special cases.

Again the "red" color would be for a water proofed item. Not sure about this being correct, but several recent artist seem to have researched it and hold to the fact.

And that's Fort Mandan from my photo collection.
There will much more of the Clark and Lewis Corp of Discovery as time goes on.

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BB-Idaho said...

Been there and much impressed. My photos weren't nearly as good either! Apparently, it got extremely cold that winter and I've wondered about the buffalo robe vs gortex comparisons...