Monday, September 29, 2008

If VISTA were a car.......

If VISTA were a car I would haven take it back the very same day I bought it.
In fact if VISTA were a car the company and all of its dealerships would already be bankrupt.

Microsoft VISTA sucks.
Every company that sells VISTA is just a whore in the Microsoft Cat House.
I've spent 6 days "wrasteling" with my new damn machine and finally gave it up to my wife who has a very limited use of a computer. That meant another 3 days of manual transfer of files. As for me I am right back where I started from, minus about $900 in total outlay for nothing of any value and many days of usless effort. No more.

Today I sent this letter to one of the microsoft kittens I bought my computer from.

"Every computer in my home is a Dell. All of the computers I have purchased for the past 10 years have been Dells. I like your product. But I will never buy a Dell computer again. Why, because of VISTA. If you are stupid enough to sell Vista then you are just one of the girls in the Cat House. I have just purchased a Vista based desktop from you only to find that my Epson R-800 archival grade printer will not work with it; that my old photo programs won't load on to it and that it chokes on damn near everything I try to transfer from my XP Dell. I have been loading and unloading files for six days now. My conclusion, this is my last Microsoft based purchase. Therefore no more Dells. I have give my new computer originally purchased for photo use over to my writer wife who only uses a computer for word processing and to read blogs. My next purchase will be a Mac. Now I know that this will only be read by some kid in Bangladesh but so-be-it. Vista sucks and people that sell Vista are verging on criminal behavior for perpetuating this fraud. Do your stockholders know how back your product has become?"

By the way, Microsoft, you can take those friggin "MOJAVE" adds and stick them where the sun don't shine.
Vista Sucks!


BB-Idaho said...

we note
"“Dell is bringing XP back. Amid significant customer demand, the computer maker said on Thursday that it has returned to offering the older Windows version as an option on some of its consumer PCs.” suppose they got other letters like yours?

drlobojo said...

Man, I bet they did. Probably even less kind than mine. I just can't afford to by a new 8 ink archival printer, and cables, and, and, and a new Adobe PS and etc. programs. I'll have to wait a year or so before I can afford my next machine as it is now. I would have bought the same desk top thing from Dell loaded with XP if they had offered it then. Now I'm so fed up, that I don't want to screw around with any of them anymore. I'll limp along on the old machine until the mother croaks. I'm not a computer geek. I'm of the plug and play consumer type, so this has been a painful experience. I bought my crap directly from Dell. If I had bought it from a store I would have taken the parts back and said it is all yours. Imagine if you had to change out nine or ten components in every new car you bought. Those would be lemons would they not?

Monk-in-Training said...

Have you tried Linux at all? I am thinking of going to it with my next machine.

BB-Idaho said...

Not a tech expert, but the LINUX story is interesting:
The guy wanted to share free, rather than make billions..clearly
not an American. In the tri-city
area of Washington where the big
Hanford Nuclear complex is, there are thousands of physicists, nuclear types, engineers, mathematicians..and all the computer shops have LINUX. Not sure if it is superior, the PhDs are cheap, or just weird...but Microsoft is a dirty word. heh heh

drlobojo said...

M-I-T, I thought about Linux but I am just an old boy who likes plug and play. Linux looked like I would have to have a resident geek if something went phoowee.